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Dalia Hadad Israeli artist and designer

Dalia Hadad is an Israeli artist and designer. Dalia's calligraphy, paintings, jewelry and Judaica express her desire to instill beauty, optimism and calmness in our lives.


I am an Israeli artist with a great love for beauty and esthetics. I started my way in Shenkar - the academic school for fine arts in Israel. Throughout the journey of my life I learned and was inspired to bring an optimism and calmness into people's lives, and I express that through my paintings, jewelry and Judaica art. On this website I am thrilled to share with you my designs which are handmade in Israel, and hope that they will bring you a feeling of optimism and calmness, something that we all desire.
Always here for you, Dalia

Dalia Hadad calligraphy and paintings
Dalia Hadad Israeli artist and designer
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