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ציור של דליה מקרוב


Israeli Artist and Designer

Dalia Hadad is an Israeli artist and designer based in Tel Aviv.

Dalia's calligraphy, paintings, jewelry and Judaica express her desire tell stories and to evoke emotions through her works.

ציור אבסטרקטי


Dalia Hadad's paintings are a mesmerizing blend of colors, and her artworks allow viewers to roam freely within their imagination and emotions.


Dalia's love for lettering started when she was very young. Her calligraphy pieces are inspired by her visits to her city's synagogue and watching the Rabbi open the Torah. Her pieces are reflecting Jewish tradition and creating elegant and spiritually infused artwork.


קליגרפיה - עבודת יד
שרשרת עם תליון


Dalia's heritage is also a significant factor in her unique designs. Her designs are inspired by her family; her dad was a Yemenite silversmith, and she feels that she honors him by continuing his work.


Dalia's textiles pieces always hold a piece of her past, it reminds her of home and how her mom and cousins used to sit and embroider challah covers and tablecloths. 

כיסוי חלה עבודת יד


תמונה של דליה


Dalia Hadad is an Israeli artist with a great love for beauty and aesthetics. She started her way to Shenkar - the academic school for fine arts in Israel. Throughout her life journey, she learned and was inspired to bring optimism and calmness into people's lives, and she expresses that through her paintings, jewelry, and Judaica art.

On this website, Dalia is thrilled to share her artworks and designs, which are handmade in Israel, and she hopes they will bring you a feeling of optimism and calmness, something we all desire.

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