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תמונה של דליה בסטודיו


Dalia Hadad is an Israeli artist,  based in Tel Aviv, with a great love for beauty and aesthetics. She started her way to Shenkar - the academic school for fine arts in Israel.

Dalia comes from a family of artists, her dad was a silversmith and her mom was an embroidery artist in Maskit - A fashion house established in 1954.

Throughout her life journey, she learned and was inspired to bring optimism and calmness into people's lives, and she expresses that through her paintings, jewelry, and Judaica art.

On this website, Dalia is thrilled to share her artworks and designs, which are handmade in Israel, and she hopes they will bring you a feeling of optimism and calmness, something we all desire.

תמונה של דליה

Dalia's art is a joyful blend of tradition and innovation, where vibrant colors and poetic calligraphy come together in celebration of culture and boundless creativity.

ציפורן לקליגרפיה ובקבוק דיו מונחים על קליגרפיה
פריט קליגפיה - ברכת כהנים צבעוני


Dalia was born in Jerusalem and Grew up in Bnei Brak which cultivated her passion to add Jewish tradition to unique works of art that reflect her cultural heritage.


Pursuing her passion, she studied fashion at Shenkar College, eventually establishing her own boutique store. However, destiny had other plans for her creative journey, leading her to discover the world of painting, which ignited a profound spark within her.


Guided by the esteemed artist Yaakov Zim, Dalia found her artistic voice on the canvas, expressing emotions and ideas with every brushstroke

Dalia's artwork is a combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

While creating artworks that tell stories and communicate with the emotions of the viewers she strives to connect with people and evoke emotions through her works.


Her artworks allow viewers to run wild in their imagination and collaborate in the creation of art, leaving room for the infinity of fantasy. 

Dalia believes that the gifts she received can be shared with the world and make all people happy with them, believes that we are all equal and that everything belongs to all of us.

ציור שמן מקורי על קנבס - פנטזיה
ציור שמן מקורי על קנבס - נוף לאגם

Her inspiration is from everyday life, from nature, the street, people and emotions. Every little experience can serve as inspiration for a new creation. In her works, Dalia brings together tradition and innovation, combining spectacular colors and poetic calligraphy, creating a celebration of culture and limitless creativity


While her love for painting remained steadfast, Dalia's passion for aesthetics and design pushed her to explore new horizons. Delving into textiles, she skillfully crafted luxurious sheet sets and elegant tablecloths. This creative journey led her to designing unique challah covers, igniting her venture into the captivating world of Judaica art.


Dalia's challah covers resonated with a global audience, propelling her to embrace her Jewish heritage and traditions through artistic creations and to take in diverse artistic domains such as jewelry design, calligraphy and more. Each expression influenced the other, shaping her evolving artistry

כיסוי חלה עבודת יד
כיסוי חלה יוקרתי עם רקמת סכף
יד של דליה נוגעת בקליגרפיה


Located on the enchanting Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv, Dalia's studio is a charming haven where artistry comes to life. This vibrant space, adorned with her captivating paintings and distinctive Judaica designs, serves as a warm welcome for art enthusiasts and visitors alike. 

Here, Dalia embraces the joy of meeting people and sharing her craft.Whether she is teaching painting or calligraphy, her studio is an open invitation to immerse oneself in the world of art. 

So, step inside and experience the magic of Dalia's creations – a journey of colors, tradition, and boundless creativity awaits. Come, visit, and be inspired.

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