Dalia's Development as an Artist

As a small girl, Dalia used to sit on her porch in Bnei Brak, mostly on Friday evenings and Saturdays, and carefully take note of the dresses of the women on their way to synagogue.  She was always aware of the clothing of those around her, and was fascinated by it.  Even her older sisters used to counsel her endlessly about their appearance, and Dalia always had something to say.  Over the years, fashion and sewing became an important part of her life.

After having four children (who were always dressed "tip-top" of course) Dalia decided to change her hobby into a profession, and went to learn fashion design at Shenkar College.  During her studies, she designed evening wear and wedding gowns for private customers who came to her house.

After some time, Dalia opened a studio in Tel Aviv.  Her designs were always colorful and unusual, combining different fabrics and textures; she established herself as a vibrant and original designer.  This intensive work took away precious time from her children, so she decided to take a break.  During the break from fashion designing, she happened to visit a reflexologist, who used his spiritual insight to discover Dalia's hidden talents, and recommended that she take up painting. 

Painting was a kind of revelation for Dalia.  She started out as a student of the artist Yaakov Zim (a famous and respected painter and graphic designer).  Dahlia's painting evolved,  until she decided to leave her studies and become independent, and free of outside influences. 


ברוזור רימה סופי פרסום לסטודיאו_בודד.jpg

Dalia likes to paint on large canvases with oil paint, never according to a model.  She paints according to her inner feelings and is full of ideas and inspiration.

With a restless artistic soul and a love for aesthetics, Dalia always looks for her next project.  She started importing fine fabrics from Europe, choosing them most carefully.  She made white sheet sets from them, symbolizing a calm end to the day.  Dalia also made special tablecloths—"evening gowns for the table", as she called them. 

As a result of searching for an original keepsake for the guests at her son's Bar Mitzvah, she came up with her unique design of challah covers, which have been a success worldwide.   Dalia exhibited her quality products at a fair in New York, developing new markets and private customers who make repeat purchases until today. 

Most people have a tendency to stagnate after some time; we become successful at something, then don't develop any more.  We feel comfortable with the stability of our success, and are not tempted to try something new, something we may fail at.  With Dalia Hadad, the smallest hint of stagnation leads to the desire for a new creation.  

Over the years as an artist and designer , Dalia has used varied materials and techniques, in different areas – fashion design, textiles, painting, house design, jewelry design, and recently drawing and calligraphy.    Today one can see in her work a kind of collage of all the knowledge and techniques she has gathered.  

Even though Dalia is now an established artist, she does not rest.  She flies to exhibitions around the world; always making it known that her products are "Made in Israel".